What if I’ve plateaued and want to lose more weight?

I recently got a question I hear a LOT…

(Protein, Healthy Fat, and Fiber)? Do I increase working out?” - Annette, Metabolism Makeover alum

Q: “What if I’ve plateaued and want to lose more weight? Do I just cut back on every part of PHFF (Protein, Healthy Fat, and Fiber)? Do I increase working out?” – Annette, Metabolism Makeover alum

A: First, I have a list of questions, and I want to make sure the answer is “yes” before moving on.

  • Are you strength training at least 3 days/week? If so, are you progressively lifting heavier weights?
  • Are you consuming 1g protein per pound of body weight each day? If overweight, use the weight you feel most comfortable at.
  • Are you sleeping 7-9 hours/night?
  • Are you taking 1-2 rest days/week? Or 2-3 rest days if going through menopause?
  • Are you walking at least 6000 steps/day?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above, work on that first. That’s your foundation, and the rest of this won’t matter if you’re not these 4 things.

But if you answered “yes” to all four, here are a few things you can do to help bust through a weight-loss plateau:

Increase workout duration/intensity, if appropriate.

Meaning if you’re working out 3 days/week, try increasing to 4. If you’re already working out 5 days/week, workouts are probably not the problem, unless…you’re overdoing cardio on top of strength training. If strength training 3-5 times/week along with long-form, steady-state cardio or 3+ HIIT sessions/week, you may be overdoing it, which can actually backfire.

Over-exercising is one of the most common reasons I see weight loss resistance. More is not always more.

Check your fat intake by taking a few days to track your fat.

This is going to be very individual, but for the average female, more than 30g fat/meal is going overboard. Play around with cutting back on it and see if your meals still keep you full throughout the day.

Come to Jesus.

As in – are you really sticking to PHFF for meals and going 4 hours between them, or are you grazing? Are you treating yourself every night after dinner? Going ham on weekends? As you get comfy with this way of eating and feel a lot of freedom, this can happen. That’s ok. Just check yourself and rein it in if your weight loss stalls.

And if none of these tactics do it for you, 1-on-1 coaching with our team could be a fantastic option for you. We can get super gradual with your daily habits and give personalized recommendations to help you hit your goals. Apply here!


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