Metabolism Makeover is the only weight loss program you won’t be counting down the days until it’s over. This program teaches you a sustainable fat loss lifestyle without all the counting, measuring and numbers so you can get back to enjoying your life and just eat the damn food.

sorry, your food anxiety can't come to the phone right now. why?

cause she's dead.

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Feeling: HOT. Empowered. Free. Confident. Amazing. *Actual feedback from MM alumni

Better: skin, energy, digestion, focus, sleep, & bloodwork

Shorter gym seshs, longer post-sweat fat burn

Not even considering those shakes, teas, and wraps that girl from your high school sells

Fat loss without giving up your favorite foods or your social life (*or your booze)

basically, your dieting days are over so cheers* to:

learn how to put your body in fat burning mode by following a simple structure backed by biOlogy that will rev up your metabolism, permanently.

Our scientific approach works because biology isn’t based on opinion. Unlearn everything you thought you knew about nutrition and learn how to hack your biology instead so your metabolism does all the heavy lifting for you. No counting. No tracking. No restrictions. Just proven science and a community to support you.

you've rinsed and repeated the same ol’ routine: count the calories, restrict  your diet, get hungry (read: hangry) then say, “screw it” and binge eat

never "start over" on a monday again.

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Dump your sugar boyfriend.

Make empowered choices and eat the same food as your friends/family.

Never worry about upcoming social events and having nothing to wear.

Total. Food. Freedom.

after metabolism makeover

Daily Dunkin’ addiction.

Being the “weird” one and always having to answer the “so what CAN you eat?” question.

Your weight always being “a thing” and keeping you from a social life.

Food FOMO.

before metabolism makeover

we love a good before & after

Each week, you’ll learn the biology of your body and HOW to repair your metabolism with foods you already eat and know how to cook.

Metabolism Makeover is no-nonsense nutrition --- looking at you, keto, paleo, Whole30...

weight loss is a biology project, not a math equation.

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week one

Blood sugar isn’t just for diabetics. This week lays the foundation for long-term success well beyond the 30 days. Once you understand the science of how food impacts your blood sugar, you’ll know how to pair foods to keep your sugars & hormones in check so you don’t gain 5lbs after a GNO. 

week one: manage your bs. aka your blood sugar

week two

Two words: Rethink cardio. In this module, you’ll learn how movement affects your metabolism and what types of workouts are working FOR and AGAINST your weight loss/fat burn efforts.

week two: move strategically

week three

Contrary to 2020, life doesn’t stop or restart every Monday. You’ll learn how to “go off-plan” and not gain weight, how to beat bloating while traveling, and yes, how to boss your bartender so you can enjoy weekends and social events without “budgeting” for them all week long.

week three: make room for fun

week four

Sleep. Stress. Hormones. Gut Health. This module is all about health factors beyond food. You’ll learn all about cravings, inflammation, hormones,  and gut health and how sleep and stress levels impact alllll of it.

week four: move beyond the food

Access to the private FB community!

Weekly accountability email check-ins with a registered dietitian and daily email reminders from Megan.

A swap list because we won’t force-feed you foods you don’t like, can’t have, or don’t want to buy!

Grocery lists so you’ll be immune to the impulse aisles and faux-health food fads.

Two 30-day meal plans (including a pescatarian option) that require as little prep as possible because who has time for that?!

inside metabolism makeover, you'll also get:

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- Mallory, Attorney + Barre Instructor 

“ONE WEEK IN, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like food doesn’t control me. I’m free. Not to mention, my body is loving it.”

"for the first time in a long time, food doesn't control me."

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We got you. So does the private FB group with over 3000 alumni.

accountability sheets

So you don’t have to worry about being “that girl” while you’re out living your best life.

the dining out guide

 “Vodka-loving RD” remember? I’ll never take your booze.

boss your bartender

let's talk bonuses:

"sounds great, but what about alcohol?" - almost everyone (same)

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Cassidy, Operations Manager + Girls Night Pro

“I am completely obsessed with this program. I lost weight and felt better without having to give up my social life (or my wine)! I cannot recommend it more.”

"...i felt better without having to give up my social life."

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It wasn’t just about calories. It was about blood sugar, hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, gut health. Once I figured out *how* my body actually worked, everything clicked. I was no longer preoccupied with food. I didn’t stress out over dinners, drinking, or vacations. I could finally just live my life knowing I had total control of my body and my health. Food wasn’t the boss of me anymore. 

when i started studying human metabolism i realized that i had been doing this all wrong

10 years ago, my metabolism was wrecked. I was 20 lbs heavier and a psycho calorie tracker, and I worked out rain or shine. I was taught that everything I was doing was the textbook prescription for weight loss. But it wasn’t working. I had just gotten my credentials as a dietitian, but I was inflamed, obsessed with food, and hated my body. I said f*ck calories in/calories out, and I pulled out my science books.

i'm megan, registered dietitian & recovered yo-yo dieter

my 10 year relationship with metabolism in 2 minutes

meet the team

and to help support you through metabolism makeover

i have a team of 16 powerhouse registered dietitians to back me up

You like being hungry

You live by cookie-cutter 1200 calorie meal plans

You know you have “under-the-hood” hormone issues that are not managed with prescription medication

You love trying magic pills and trendy quick fixes instead of fool-proof science

You prefer bird portions and hours of cardio

You’re not ready to rehab your relationship with MyFitnessPal

You’re trying to drop 20 lbs for a social thing next month

the program is not for you if:

You’ve tried anything and everything to lose weight and think “I guess this is just how I look now”

Your cravings are out of control and you’re relying on willpower to lose weight

You gain 5lbs just LOOKING at a cookie

Think your body is broken and “weight loss” just isn’t for you...

You want to STOP the dieting cycle for good

You want to be the boss of your plate and not let food boss you

You want to know HOW your body and biology work - not just what to do to drop a dress size

You want to have Cardi B-level confidence

metabolsim makeover is for you if:

is this for you?

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all about those before & afters

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Daily email reminders from Megan

Weekly accountability check-ins with a dietitian

Weekly mini-trainings with your coach

Grocery & Swap lists to substitute ingredients you don’t like, can’t have, or don’t want


Two 30-day PHFF meal plans (1 omnivore, 1 pescatarian)

Instant access to 20+ video and audio lessons

inside metabolism makeover, you'll also get:

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We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee

*from date of purchase. You must show proof of work and participation by submitting your accountability sheets.

well, we've got answers

you've got questions


Nope across the board. There is no “counting” on this program. There are no “good” or “bad” foods. This isn’t a detox or elimination diet. We focus on swaps. We replace some of the foods that make you feel like crap and gain weight, with foods that do the exact opposite. You will eat the same foods your friends and family eat so you won’t have to be THAT one at the table. 

How is this different from other "diet plans"?

Well, for one - it’s not a diet plan. It’s a long-term, easy approach to nutrition and weight loss that doesn’t require any sacrifices, or calorie counters or copious amounts of salads. You’ll be fueling your body with real, good food to rev up your metabolism instead of cutting things out short term to lose some inches. This program allows for going out to eat and even drinking ALCOHOL. YEP. After 4 weeks, you’ll completely rethink the way you view food. (And you won’t feel so much anxiety around eating it!

Can I do this program if I’m dairy/gluten-free? What if I’m a vegetarian?

Yep! We’ve had tons of DF/GF and vegetarians go through this program. The swap list will be your best friend! We also have a pescatarian meal plan that has tons of veg-friendly meal ideas.

Can I still drink?

I’d never take away your 🍸. There’s an entire section on how to drink alcohol and still be successful on this program.

I’m traveling this month, should I just wait for the next round? 

Don’t wait! This program is built around you having a “real life” - weekends, weddings, vacations and all. We don’t want you to deprive yourself of any life events or the food that comes with them! There’s an entire week dedicated to “real life.” You’ll still eat normal foods (& drink too!) on this program, so it’s pretty easy to stick to while you’re traveling. 

Okay, foreal, how much weight can I expect to lose?

So, here’s the thing: you shouldn’t expect to lose any weight in the first 30 days because the focus is on fixing a wrecked metabolism - which takes time. However, we typically see a 5-8 lb weight loss, depending on how much you need to lose. If you don’t lose weight within 12 weeks, we recommend checking out what’s “under the hood” by getting a thyroid/hormone panel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This isn’t about weight. It’s a “fat loss” plan. You’ll be eating enough to keep muscle loss at an absolute minimum, so focus on NSV (non-scale victories) more than anything. Look at inches! Take progress pics! 

Can I do this program if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Absolutely. This program is about getting your body in balance and revving your metabolism so you’ll feel great and have more energy - among other things! You’ll be eating good, whole foods, which are good for both you AND baby. Just be sure to check out our “Pregnancy and Breastfeeding” guide in the program app.

I’m hard of hearing. Can I still do this program?

Yes! All of our videos have closed captions and we have live closed captioning on Zoom. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to make your experience better.

What is M3 and why is it included in my price? 

Metabolism Makeover Momentum (M3) is our MM continuation program. When you purchase MM, you’ll be auto-enrolled in M3 at the end of the 30 days. The first month is 100% FREE. After that (if you do nothing) you will be automatically billed for $59 once a month. You can cancel anytime! 

So why do we have this? Because research shows you need at least 3 months of accountability to make a program really stick. Don’t worry - we’ll give you all the deets about what’s included before your 30 days are up.