“The Weekend Eater”: Sabrina’s Story

“The Weekend Eater” is the poster child for starting over on Monday. They maintain a clean, healthy lifestyle 5 days a week, until 5pm on Friday. Weekends are a lawless land until breakfast Monday morning.

The challenge:

For weekend eaters, they know what they should be doing, but their rules are so restrictive that they abandon ship every weekend – thwarting all progress/results. And that keeps them in this nasty cycle. Diet. Binge. Diet. Binge. Or worse yet, some weekend eaters overcompensate for their “lawless” weekend binges with extreme eating and over exercising.

Sabrina’s story

MM Team: Hey Sabrina! How’d you find Metabolism Makeover?

Sabrina: My mind was filled with bits and pieces from every fad diet. I was confused and had no idea what I needed to do to see results. I felt like I was never full and always thinking about the next thing I would eat. I was actually in search of a dietitian before I found MM. I came across one and on the website it said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” seeing that made me feel absolutely horrible.

MM Team: What about MM made you decide to join?

Sabrina: I am not one to buy into programs. I see all these Instagram people selling their program and people loving it. I just never could get on board. Metabolism Makeover seemed different because it was created by a professional. Not by someone who just likes to workout and eat like a rabbit. Megan was the TOTAL opposite of other dietitians. I saw “vodka loving RD” and immediately was on her website/Instagram! I followed her on instagram for 2 months before I made my decision to join. It was a big investment and I wanted to be sure. I read every single word on her website and I was hooked. She promoted a sustainable and realistic lifestyle change. I really believed in her.

MM Team: What was your experience in Metabolism Makeover?

Sabrina: This program really changed my relationship with food and exercise. I wanted to just stay full and not be eating every hour, two weeks into MM I had accomplished that. I haven’t had any intense cravings in the past 3 weeks. Sometimes I’ll be like “oh I could really go for some pizza,” but it’s not do or die if I get it or not. I also have that one thought and move on. It doesn’t stick with me for hours.

MM Team: Was there anything that surprised you about the program?

Sabrina: I mentally have let go of all my old dieting habits. I told myself that day one of MM I would be giving up all previous behaviors and absorb what I am currently learning. I don’t have food guilt anymore. If I have a burger and vodka for dinner….who cares! I would’ve never said this a month ago. I would have worked out for 2 hours the next day.

MM Team: Do you have any results to share?

Sabrina: I feel so much happier and like a weight has been lifted. Not thinking about food all day is very freeing. I have lost 1-2 inches all over and I’m really happy. I put my scale away after week 1. I don’t really have plans to take it back out. I am happy with the inches lost and don’t want to get caught up in the weight of it all. Normally I would weigh myself every other day.

MM Team: What would you say to a friend who is considering joining?

Sabrina: I would suggest MM To everyone! It is fun, organized, and not complicated! There is so much guidance and support within the community to help you keep moving along. One important thing I learned was that I under-eat protein in a big way. Once I started eating the proper amount I really started to see a change. I can’t thank Megan and her team enough!

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