Kaitlin’s Story

Kaitlin Border

Kaitlin is a long-time M3 member who had difficulty making time for herself. As a successful career woman, she lived on coffee and didn’t make time for regular meals because of her long hours and busy schedule. She also had a complicated, confusing relationship with carbs. Kaitlin wasn’t sure how many to eat, or when so she’d become afraid of them and would often avoid carbs. After being an M3 member for a few months, she decided to really commit to change and put herself first by prioritizing her health and fitness.

What change looked like for Kaitlin:

We had her start focusing on NEAT movement, and we stacked new healthy habits from there. She started walking 10k steps daily, doing M3 workouts 4x/week, and eating balanced (including carbs!), creative PHFF meals 3x a day. She started packing her lunch and focusing on eating a wider variety of plants.

After just 1 month working with Cassie, Kaitlin has gone down 2 sizes, and started making a “clothes to donate” pile. Even Kaitlin’s boyfriend has commented on the change he’s seen in her since she started putting herself first.

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