Kelly’s Story

Kelly Anderson:

Kelly, an OG MM and M3 member, came to us for 1:1 coaching because she was experiencing uncomfortable hormonal imbalances month after month. As a mom of 3, Kelly was operating from a high-stress place daily. She had horrible PMS symptoms, she wasn’t eating enough (had the tendency to skip lunch, and eat small breakfasts) and she was always cold – interrupting her sleep.

We made small but significant changes, and she felt quick relief from being cold– within 2-3 weeks. We put Kelly on non-negotiable supplements, and had her start drinking adrenal cocktails daily. We prioritized eating breakfast before leaving the house, instead of running out the door –focusing on 30g of protein, healthy fat, and fiber. Kelly also started eating a balanced packed lunch and 2 snacks a day to keep her blood sugar stable between meals.

In the last 3 months since she started implementing these changes, Kelly feels like a new woman. For the first time in her life, she has a normal cycle with less cramps, and more energy!

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