8 Healthy Travel Essentials


healthy travel essentials

I’ve been thinking of you these last couple of weeks as I’ve been visiting friends and family in the midwest.

Travel can be tough when you’re trying to stay on track with your goals. We are creatures of habit, we do not like our routine to be messed with, and we often walk into a travel situation with no plan at all whatsoever just thinking we’re going to make good choices.

Good luck with that.

“Oh, I can’t have my typical morning green machine smoothie today? F*ck it, then, I’m having pancakes and waffles and a half cup of maple syrup!!” “I can’t squeeze in the spin class I signed up for? Forget it! I’m laying on the beach and not moving ALL WEEK!!!”

LOL. Sound familiar?! Don’t lie to me. We all do it.

Why are we so dramatic?

Pretty soon you’re stuffed, bloated, sluggish, feeling like absolute shit, and thinking, “whatever, I’ll just start over when I get back home. I already feel gross, might as well keep going.”

Honestly though, here’s a pretty easy fix to this problem. A simple travel toolkit! This “toolkit” is something I bring with me every single time I travel to keep my energy levels high, my digestive health on track, and my goals in check.

It’s seriously amazing how just a few little items, along with a few simple habits, can keep my body and health goals completely on track during travel (and vacation!!). And they’re so easy, I know they’ll work for you, too.

8 Healthy Travel Bag Must-Haves

1. Desiccated Liver Supplements*. MY BIGGEST, WEIRDEST ENERGY HACK. I always take this while traveling to keep my energy levels sky high. It’s loaded w B vitamins and iron and no, it doesn’t taste like anything! 

2. CHIA SEEDS! DUH! Bring a bag.

3. And protein powder I throw some in a bag use the protein + the chia seeds for a quick protein and fiber-filled coffee in the morning. Add cream or a couple of eggs for extra protein and fat. I know if I start my day like this, I’ll stay on track the rest of the day.

4.  Collagen Packets* – I squeeze in extra protein where I can because protein tends to be tougher to get in on vacation. Collagen is also super gut-healthy! I’ll sprinkle it into coffee, magnesium tea, or soup.

5. Speaking of Magnesium Tea, I never leave home with my Natural Calm to help me sleep at night. Sleep really is key to feeling awesome.

6. Probiotics* – I never leave home without these babies. Travel is hard on our immune system, and 70% of our immune system is located in our gut. Plus, probiotics can keep us “regular”. Being constipated on vacation suuuuuuucks and it’s so common! More probiotic recs here.

7. A water bottle. A giant-ass water bottle. Never stop drinking water on vacation – you’ll flush out bloat and keep energy levels high. LOVE this one from Hydro Flask. Super chic, too.

8. Nut Butter Packets. Justin’s, Barney Butter, Artisana, and Noosh are all great picks. These are perfect for a quicky snack to hold you over between meals!


If you feel great, you’re so much more aware of what you’re putting into your body. If you wake up totally un-bloated with boatloads of energy, you’re WAY more likely to hit up that beach run and choose shrimp tacos for lunch instead of queso and chips.

A lot of our choices during travel are made around the way we feel, so during your summer travels, make sure you pack some serious ammunition. You’ll be SO happy you did.

Plus, who likes to “start over” after vacation? That’s just depressing, right? Vacation is supposed to be a reset button!

Love you guys – have a good weekend and HAPPY TRAVELS this summer!


*Get 10% off the desiccated liver supps, collagen, and probiotics when you use NUTRITIONADDICTION at checkout from Perfect Supplements.

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