TIPS ON TIPS ON TIPS: How to Down More Water


suck it down: tips to help you drink more water

A few days ago, I posted about WHY you should probably drink more water because NEWS FLASH: you’re probably dehydrated. Yikes! OK, cool, we got that out of the way. *sips water from my fav water bottle*

It’s really great that I’m able to tell you that you’re dehydrated if you don’t start drinking more water, but OMGAH WATER SUCKS HOW DO I DRINK SO MUCH MEGAN.

Well, of course…….I put together some serious water drinking tips and tricks for you because that’s what we do here at The Nutrition Addiction.

And it’s not going to be 42 different infused water recipes (but I will link you to someone far more creative than me if you’re into that). These are real life water drinking tips. Because who the f*ck is actually going to slice up and put cucumber slices in their water all day?



This is one of my favorite little hacks of all time.  You will drink so much more water when you have icy cold (or hot!) water at your fingertips. I rent my water machine from Costco!

Get a sweet water bottle.

 Get one that you LOVE and take it everywhere. This is the one I’m currently using, but I also love this one, this one, and this one.

Size matters.

The less you have to fill your water bottle during the day, the more likely you’ll hit your goal. So go big (at least 20 oz!) or go home.

Set an alarm. 

If you’re shooting for 60 ounces of water/day (see my guide on how much you need to drink here), you could say you have to down 20 oz first thing in the AM, 20 more by noon, 20 more by 5, and 20 more by 9. Set an alarm, and when it goes off and you still have water in that bottle….CHUG CHUG CHUG.

Flavor your water.

I LOVE these infused water suggestions from Nutrition Stripped. And there are lots of great water bottles that make infusing easy. My personal fav is to add grapefruit slices and tonssss of fresh mint.

Get a water bottle that tells you to drink.

FOR REAL. OK, I had a client recently who really struggled with getting her water in and she told me this worked like a charm. After you don’t drink for a while, your bottle will “remind” you. Check this guy out.

Make it an appetizer.

LOVE THIS TIP. Before each meal, you HAVE to drink a glass of water. It’ll curb your appetite, too.

Start your day with 32 oz.

This is obnoxious – maybe you wanna start with 16, but I like extreme. Part of my metabolism boosting routine in the AM is to CHUG water.

Use an app to keep track.

There are so many I’m not even gonna list them – just search for a water tracking app. Do this for a month, and then you can probably just gauge yourself without having to track.

Take shots.

SERIOUSLY. This one is courtesy of my best friend, Meghan, who is in a chronic state of dehydration from overconsumption of Red Bull and underconsumption of water. The way I’ve gotten to get her to drink more is to take shots of it. I mean, whatever works, yo.

Guys – I wanna know how YOU get your water in! Comment, tweet me @nutraddiction or tag me on Instagram!

OK for real, I am UNPLUGGING. I was roped into working 5 nights this week so I’m about to spend all my money on Amazon and not leave my couch. HAPPY SUNDAY.


Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links. That means, if you purchase something from one of these links, I make a little cash. DUH. I have to eat too, ya know? But I’m not shady, and would never, ever recommend a product that wasn’t amazing and that I don’t already use myself.


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