RIDE OR DIE SUPPLEMENTS: what I take every single day

my ride or die supplements i take every single day

I’ve been VERY into supplements lately. Like not taking 4252 of them every day because I think that’s totally inefficient and unnecessary, but taking what I NEED. Taking things that I’ve actually seen an improvement in my health since starting them.

So, here’s the deal. These are MY SUPPLEMENTS THAT I TAKE. This doesn’t mean these the supplements YOU should take. However, I will give you a little commentary on each to let you know why I take them, and you can decide for yourself. Sound good?

(PS I also have a master list of supplements I just generally recommend to clients here.)

OH YEAH. And because I’m all about good timing, Perfect Supplements, where I buy most of my supplements, is having a 45% off sale on from Black Friday to Cyber Monday OK!!!!!! THIS IS MAJOR. THAT’S, LIKE, A LOT.

Basically, all Perfect Supplement Brand items are 35% off, then you get an additional 10% off when you use NUTRITIONADDICTION at checkout. Amazeballs. Definitely take advantage because it’s obviously the best deal you’ll ever get on these products.

And Further Food, where I get a couple of my supplements, is 15% off on Black Friday.

OK! Here we go! (also – some of these will be linked to Amazon and idk if they’ll be on sale but maybe? Amazon doesn’t tell us!)

  1. Probiotic – I like to mix it up, but my favorites are Prescript-Assist and Dr Mercola. I really believe everyone should be taking a probiotic. It’s constantly insurance that healthy bacteria is being adding to your gut and your gut is probably the most important part of your body. I take it in the morning with my coffee.

  2. NOW Foods L-glutamine – OK LOVE THIS STUFF. If you have any suspected gut issues (digestion probs, skin probs, mental health probs, bloating, food intolerances), then you should be taking this. I recommend 2-5 grams/day depending on the severity of your issue. I take a shot of it or throw it in my coffee. (PS I recommend the powder over the capsule)

  3. Perfect Vitamin D – I was recently tested and low on vitamin D. This can affect your mood (it was tested bc of my anxiety/depression) and your metabolism and soooo many other processes in the body. So many people are deficient. Highly recommend for ANYONE in cold weather winter states!

  4. Perfect MCT oil – I usually throw a teaspoon in my coffee or tea at the end of the night or I might drizzle some on a salad. I just really like this stuff because it’s super high quality (SO many low quality MCT oils out there) and when I have it in the morning, I can tell my mental clarity is better and brain fog is gone. Our brains LOVE MCT! I also give it to my pup, Winifred, for her seizures.

  5. Perfect Bovine Collagen OR Further Food Marine Collagen – I’m actually trying to grow my hair out right now so I’m legit taking this twice a day. It WORKS. It’s also really good for gut health. And I know when I get it from these companies it’s from a reputable source. (also – I LOVE that they come in single serving packets too)

  6. Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver – Must have. Sounds weird, but this stuff gives me crazy energy. I’m guessing it’s because of all the B vitamins and iron? I’m not sure, but I’m hooked. Even Tim Ferris takes this stuff every day. I take 2 every AM.

  7. Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager – I started taking this recently to help with my crazy high cortisol levels (you’ve gotta get this tested to know) in the AM and sleep quality. I can totally tell when I don’t take it. I have 1 every night.

  8. Natural Calm Magnesium (here it is on Amazon). My magnesium levels are good, but SO many people are deficient. I think mine are normal though because I make Magnesium Tea every night! Magnesium has a TON of health benefits, but I like it especially for migraines (used to get them a lot), depression/anxiety, digestion (keeps ya regular) and sleep quality.

  9. Further Food Turmeric Tonic – I mix this with my Natural Calm at night. Turmeric is AMAZING for inflammation and I kinda feel like we should be fighting inflammation at any chance we get, right?

  10. Smart Pressed Juice Pineapple Chia Cleanse – Honestly the only reason I take this every day is that it NEVER fails to help me poop and Lawd, we all love to poop every day don’t we? I have a tendency to not be super regular but since discovering this stuff I am g2g.

That’s it! OK 10 is kind of a lot but a lot but these are the things I’ve been consistently taking the last 6 months or so and I’m really happy with them. I’ve also been looking for a really good, high-quality omega-3 that’s a decent price and I finally found one – Dr. Amen Omega-3 Power and I’m going to start taking it. My husband has been taking them for a month and I SWEAR it’s improved his memory and mood considerably.

WITH THAT I am signing off and about to stuff my face with Cornish hens, sweet potato gnocchi, mac n’ cheese, and idk whatever else Andy is making cuz I ain’t cookin’. LOL. I’m taking an extra shot of Pineapple Chia Cleanse to keep things moving (it’s also got digestive enzymes so it’s actually really good before a big meal).

Have an amazing holiday weekend and seriously – stock up on some of these (also check my Ultimate Guide to Supplements) and invest in your health (but not too much bc these are such a good deal).


PS – Check out my Ultimate Guide to Supplements, too!

Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links, which means I get paid a lil bit of money if you purchase something I recommend. I would never, ever recommend a product I wouldn’t purchase myself (that’s so gross).

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