Plant-Based PHFF Meals


plant-based phff meals

OK guys!

I get so many of you asking if you can be a vegetarian or vegan and still eat PHFF. The answer is, OF COURSE!

I don’t care what type of way of eating you follow, I just want to help you eat Protein, Healthy Fat, and Fiber at every meal so that you feel good, have energy, and burn fat (if that’s your goal).

When I work with people who eat primarily plants, the #1 goal usually is upping their non-starchy vegetables, fiber, and greens! We also focus a little more on healthy fat, and doing this will balanced less protein in the diet.

But I give you all the details on how to keep your blood sugar steady and body in fat-burning mode while eating a plant-based diet HERE, so download the guide and get started with a few recipes to get you started.




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