5 Quick, Healthy Lunch Ideas for the Work Day

healthy lunch ideas

It’s time to give you guys some fresh, new, healthy lunch ideas.

Cuz here’s where I’m at.

I’m so annoyed with food. Especially lunch.

Like, I’m in the middle of my day, I’m working hard, and I have to stop and eat so it better be inspiring and FAST and it’s just not lately.

I know, it’s weird. I mean, this is my job. I feel like I make a meal plan every single day in one form or another. I basically don’t even “cook” anymore I’m literally only recipe testing.

But when I go to the fridge to grab a healthy lunch lately, my first reaction is “uuuuggghhhhhhhh”.

NOTHING sounds good. Even though my fridge is bursting at the seams with good food.

I really don’t think I’m burned out, I think I’m just in a rut. And rut means it’s time to shake it up.

You know how food always tastes better when someone ELSE makes it? Because you just get to sit on the couch and binge on Billions while being served a hot plate? That’s what I’m hoping this does for me.

So whether you’re in a lunch rut,ย  or you just need some quick, healthy lunch ideas that are easy to take to work or quickly grab from home, I’ve got you. Here are some of my all-time favorites from around the good old world wide web. All NA approved, of course!

Healthy Lunch Idea:ย Deli Snack Box by Damn Delicious

Wow, I love a snack box. And talk about a quick, healthy lunch. I love any sort of fun variety of snacks that are made into a meal – a snack-inspired #BabeBowl, perhaps? Anyways –ย  Here’s how I customize this: I do 3 oz deli turkey (protein), a hard-boiled egg (protein and fat), cashews (fat), cheddar cubes (fat), cucumbers (fiber), and Way Better Snacks crackers (fiber). And I add a couple pickles.

deli snack box

Healthy Lunch Idea:ย Salad-in-a-Jar by Weeknight Bite

Alright so this one probably isn’t one I’d do now just because I work from home and I can handle throwing together my own salad, but I NEEDED to share it with you guys. This used to be my staple in an office. It’s so genius!! It’s really the only way to bring a salad to work if you don’t want your salad to suck, and Lindsay breaks the process down perfectly.

salad in a jar

Healthy Lunch Idea:ย Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado by SkinnyTaste

HOT DAMN I love this recipe. I can’t get sick of it. So glad I remembered this baby *running to store to buy shrimp*. Here’s what I do though – I eat the ENTIRE recipe (all 4 servings) except that instead of 1 lb of shrimp I make about 5-6 oz.

zesty lime shrimp and avocado

Healthy Lunch Idea:ย Pesto Caprese Quinoa Salad by What’s Gaby Cooking

LISTEN. This recipe is important. It’s great, yes, obviously anything Caprese is kween, but THIS BASIL VINAIGRETTE. You can make it and put it on a turd and enjoy lunch. You’re welcome. Sometimes I like to add salmon to this if have it. Sometimes I add more herbs to spice it up (basically I convert my Herb Pesto to Herb Basil Vinaigrette – check it!)

pesto caprese quinoa salad

Healthy Lunch Idea:ย French Salmon Salad by Kelly Leveque

Man, I love this salad. I don’t discriminate when it comes to delicacies like chicken, egg, or tuna salad, though. You mix some cold proteins with mayo and I’m here for it. I had never made salmon salad before this guy though and I could eat it every day. I’ve been known to eat this on GG crackers, too.

french salmon salad

That was fun! I’m feeling inspired. And not so much by all the ground turkey in my fridge (who wants it?). Time to head to the store.

For more quick, easy, DELICIOUS healthy lunch ideas, try one of my Seasonal Meal Plans!ย If you’re looking to shake things up and want some inspo (like I needed today), I’ve got you, now.

Sound good?

K lmk what you guys are making first! Has anyone tried any of these recipes?


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