Just a Few Essential Kitchen Hacks for Ya


<<me just cruising around town w an iced coffee that I dumped collagen and heavy cream in>>


Hacks….this is really one of my favorite words.

Anything to make my life easier and more efficient is a yes.

And here’s the thing – I am NOT a gadget girl, especially in the kitchen. Not because I don’t like gadgets because in reality, I think most gadgets are cool and often DO make your life easier, but clutter literally me want to die. I have VERY few things in my kitchen because if it’s not something totally essential (or pretty) I don’t wanna see it.

I don’t even wanna see it in my cupboards. Which is why my waffle maker and drip coffee maker is in my attic.

(also I need room for my 3485734895 canisters of protein, collagen, maca, greens powders, nut butter jars, etc, etc.)

I have some essential kitchen hacks though and they are very necessary. So let’s discuss.


If you’re following along on Instagram, there is no way you’ve missed this because I use this thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s a small contraption that you just keep in your freezer, that turns hot coffee to cold coffee in one minute. Cold brew coffee is essential in GA during the summer, but what isn’t essential is buying it from a coffee shop or store every day…or making it at home (sorry, not happening, I know it’s easy but it’s also messy and see above OCD-ness). You just brew coffee as usual, pour it into The Hyperchiller, let it chill for a minute, and pour it over ice. It’s a MUST for Protein Coffee.


Ha, ok. This probably seems like a weird one and no it’s not actually located in my kitchen BUT LISTEN. Ever since getting water service at home (it’s so cheap), I drink SO much more water. AND – it makes using my French Press (which is >>>>> drip coffee) a breeze because I just use the hot water faucet to pour steaming hot water in. It’s also so good for tea, and I make my magnesium tea every night using it. This is such a game changer! I rent it for like a dollar a month (seriously) from Costco, and then the water is $5/5 gallons.


This one sounds kind of diet-y, but stay with me. I bought a food scale a while back to really hone in on my portion sizes. Like, really, what the hell does 4 oz of Buffalo Chicken look like??? It helps you really learn what an actual portion size is, so that your portion sizes are under control when you’re not at home. Takes ALL the guess work out. I like this really basic, cheap-o one. No reason to spend more than $10 on these.


I shake my Protein Coffee (or even just regular coffee with cream and cinnamon) and my infused waters and whatever else I might be drinking in a shaker! Soooo much quicker and easier and less clean up than a blender. This works great if you’re into Bulletproof coffee, too.

I have this super cute white shaker cup but I’m also into using a martini shaker (two birds, one stone).


Yes, you can use the back of a spoon to muddle fruit or mint or whatever into a cocktail or your water but muddlers work sooooo much better. This is what I use for my Coconut-Blueberry Cocktail, but I also muddle mint into my water all the time. It releases so much more flavor into drinks! One of my favorite healthy drinks is: juice of 1/2 grapefruit, a *splash* of apple cider vinegar, tons of muddled mint, and 32 oz of water. You just throw in mint, fruit, whatever over ice and smash or “muddle” it into the ice.

Just realized that two of my kitchen hacks double as cocktail accessories. HA. Shocking!!

I’m thinking of doing an Instagram or Facebook live to talk about these in a little more depth. Thoughts?

I’m off to shower, exfoliate, and shave my face before my spray tan tonight. I have 120490 hours of work to do but #priorities!! Also, I’m planning a beach vacation…like leaving on Sunday but have zero plans so far….thinking Myrtle Beach, but does anyone have any other ideas for beaches within about a 5-hour drive? Let’s discuss.


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