woke for yolk by the nutrition addiction

If you want to know how I personally feel about eggs, let’s just say that if it wasn’t weird, I would marry a bowl of egg salad.

And I feel like eggs are making a comeback, but I also still feel like they’re one of the most misunderstood foods there is.

No one has a problem with egg whites, of course, bc they’re pretty much pure protein and have no fat (boring). But people are still terrified of egg yolks.

I get SO annoyed when I hear girls talk about their egg white omelet and fresh fruit they had for breakfast and pat themselves on the back for being so healthy and skinny. YAWN. Egg whites omelets are gross, and you know it. Egg whites literally taste like nothing.

The only thing that makes eggs so sexy and yum and SO SO GOOD FOR YOU are the egg yolks. So STOP wasting your money by throwing them away.*

Yes, the yolk contains fat and cholesterol.Β But fearing fat is sooooo 90’s and not cool. We know now that it’s actually sugar and nasty processed food that causes heart disease and obesity, not the ridiculously healthy fat in an egg yolk. And the cholesterol? Cholesterol in foodΒ barely affects your blood cholesterol levels (like, less than 1/2%).

So just throw all that old school ‘low-fat chemical-filled foods are cool and make you skinny’ shit out the window. Yolk is woke. Eggs are bae. And you can eat them to your heart’s content (was that a pun? I can’t decide. Regardless, it wasn’t intended).

ALL the reasons I love eggs, especially the egg yolks:

  1. Eggs are full of healthy fat and protein – about 5 g fat and 7 g protein/egg.

  2. Eggs contain every single essential amino acid our bodies need to survive.

  3. They are SO filling. It’s all that good fat and protein. And the fullness lasts because they’re great on your blood sugar levels, so you won’t find yourself hungry 2 hours after breakfast like you would with cereal or toast or a banana.

  4. The yolk is full of omega 3-fatty acids, which is so good for reducing inflammation in your body (thus protecting your heart) + brain health.

  5. Eggs are considered the most bioavailable source of protein on the planet. This means our bodies digest the protein in eggs better than any other food.

  6. They’re good for your eyes, cells, heart, metabolism, mental focus, energy levels…the list goes on.

  7. They’re full of vitamins and minerals- Vitamin B, D, E, A, K, and then calcium, magnesium (something most of us are deficient in), iron, potassium, and selenium. And actually, it’s the only food you can find vitamin D naturally occurring in. And so many people are deficient in vitamin D!

Side note – egg whites are honestly pointless except for the protein. ALL the good stuff is in the yolk.

I’m challenging you, now.

Here’s what I want you to do. If you’re eating a carb heavy breakfast (like cereal, oatmeal, toast, a granola bar, lots of fruit, even a smoothie made of mostly fruit), try eating a couple of eggs + some fruit or some other carb for a week. Do hard boiled if you don’t have time to cook. And just observe how you feel. Switch back if you don’t notice a difference.

Seriously, do it. And report back.

How do I like my eggs?

Scrambled over an English muffin and topped with avocado.


Mashed up with a little mayo and Greek yogurt and chopped pickles with salt and pepper, and then eaten on rice cakes. I LIVE AND DIE FOR EGG SALAD.


Sometimes I just like some classic fried eggs over medium in coconut oil with some pink salt, fresh ground pepper, and paprika. I’ll either eat them with some buttered Dave’s Killer Bread or I’ll make Whole Avocado Toast.

or ok one more –

Eggs in Purgatory!!! If you’ve never done this, you must.

How do YOU guys like your eggs?! Tell me!

*I’m somewhat full of shit. I only eat 2 eggs at a time because if I eat a 3rd egg, I’ll usually get a stomach ache (I’ve talked about this on my IG story). So if I want more protein, I’ll throw in some egg whites. But I also save the raw yolks for my pups!

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