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Fresh Appletinis

Surprise! I made another cocktail recipe! When Superfresh Growers asked me to make a fun, Valentine’s Day dessert recipe with my all-time fav apples, Autumn Glory, I said, “I don’t [...]
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Summer Sangria

I have a love/hate relationship with sangria. It’s always delicious when you order it out…as are MOST drinks that are loaded with sugar. It’s really hard to find a sangria [...]
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Cold + Cough-Killer Turmeric Tea

Cold and flu season! Exciting! My favorite time of year! I would probably do anything to avoid a cold. Like truly I would probably rather have the flu. I feel [...]
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Ultimate Guide to Protein Coffee

Let’s talk COFFEE. Specifically PHFF Coffee. Even more specifically, THE COFFEE I MAKE MYSELF EVERY MORNING. Hands down one of the top 5 questions I get in my DMs is [...]
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Vegan Chocolate White Russian

  Honestly is there anything better than a White Russian when it’s cold out? NO. There is not. I LOVE these things and I could guzzle them all night so [...]
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