How to Build a Fat-Burning Smoothie

fat burning smoothie


I put together a little smoothie guide for you (scroll to the bottom for the link if you don’t care about my commentary).

So I did this because I’ve noticed there are so many “healthy” smoothie spots in Atlanta, and their menu boards are filled with fruit, carbs, and sugar. And I get it. It’s what we think a smoothie SHOULD look like.

The reality though is that these fruit-filled smoothies take your body out of fat-burning mode, put you on the blood sugar roller-coaster, and leave you hungry in 2 hours. Not cool.

Side note – if you wanna learn more about WHY these fruity smoothies do this, pop over to this post about blood sugar.

So I put together a guide for you to help you construct your OWN healthy smoothie (one that will actually keep you full until lunch) with a few recipes for inspo.




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