5 Quick, Healthy Office Snacks


Ah yes, the office snack. When I was working in an office, I was fortunate enough to have a plethora of healthy office snacks because my company was AMAZINGย and would buy us whatever we wanted. And we had made a pledge, as a company, to keep the office healthy and we only stocked it with (basically) Greek yogurt, granola, fruit, hard boiled eggs, nuts, sparkling water and copious amounts of coffee. WHAT. A. DREAM.RIGHT?! If this sounds like your office, you can probably just stop reading. Good for you, you lucky dog. But if you’re 99% of people, dreading Sue or Steve’s birthday cake in the break room every other day, then you need my help. Because “light” yogurts, bananas and granola bars are probably not cutting it and I can tell you, even if these foods do hold you over, your metabolism is not happy with your choices. Your blood sugar isn’t thrilled. You think you’re being soooo healthy, but you could use a serious snack upgrade. And your body will thank you.

Healthy Office Snacks

I also realize that in addition to prepping lunch to bring to work all week, you are probably not in the mood to be preparing snacks as well. So convenience foods is where it’s AT. Seriously, I know there are motivated humans out there who are meal prepping their snacks and I mean, GOOD FOR YOU, but no thank you. I just can’t wrap my head around that much preparation. I’ve got you though. Stay with me.

I have 5 SUPER SIMPLE healthy office snack options for you that take so little time, if any, to prepare. As always, think PHFF! for snacks just as you do for meals, just make them a little smaller. I generally recommend 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of fat and 1 serving of fiber for a snack. Not only will that keep your blood sugar steady and metabolism burning throughout the day, but it’ll keep you full.ย 

Have you ever eaten a banana for a snack and it literally did NOTHING for you? Maybe you were even a little more hungry after you ate it than you were before. Yeah, that’s real. Because by itself, a banana is really just sugar (check this post out as I take you through a banana’s journey ย as it f*cks with your blood sugar). Yes, it has vitamins and minerals, yes it has fiber, but overall, it’s sugar, baby. And it needs a little fat to help slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood, and protein to help keep you full.


The only preparation this really requires is hard boiling eggs, which is barely a task as long as you pay attention to them (this is actually an incredibly hard ย task for me but I’m assuming most people can handle boiling eggs). You can, however, just buy hard boiled eggs now which is clutch.

5 Quick, Healthy Office Snacks

  1. 2 hard boiled eggs (p)+ 12 almonds (hf) + 1/2 c berries (f)

  2. 2 oz turkey deli meat (p) + 1 oz cheddar cheese (hf) + 1 c grapes (f)

  3. 2 oz roast beef (p) + 2 Tbsp cream cheese or 1/2 avocado, mashed (hf) + 2 whole grain rice cakes (f)

  4. 3/4 c full-fat cottage cheese (p) + 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds (hf) + 1 c cucumber & grape tomatoes

  5. 1 c plain, full-fat Greek (recommended: Fage) or Icelandic (recommended: Siggi’s) yogurt (p+hf) + 1/2 c berries (f), mashed and stirred in

SO easy. So filling. So good. Obviously you can mix this up, use your favorite nuts, berries, veggies, deli meat – use tuna if you want to go as far as opening a can of tuna. You can swap crackers (keep it whole grain or use rice crackers) for the rice cakes. Whatever, you get it.

cucumbers, cheese almonds, grapes, turkey, blackberries

What are your fav office snacks? By the way, these are all my favorite snack choices even if you’re not in the office. I sit at my kitchen table most of the day, and this is pretty much what I stick to.ย Keep it simple, stupid.

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