10 Super Bowl Snacks + Navigating the Party


Happy Super Bowl week, y’all! As mentioned in my previous post, I will not be watching the Super Bowl this year, but I will likely be eating my feelings as I continue to mourn the Packer loss from a couple of weeks ago. So, I decided to pull out a few of my favorite football friendly recipes that are all healthy, balanced and free of all the nasty garbage that can be found on a Super Bowl buffet table (I’m looking at you, ranch dressing). Before we get to that, I have some tips for those of you heading to a party where you don’t have total control over what’s being served.

  1. Don’t starve yourself before you get to the party. Your blood sugar will dip too far, wrecking havoc on your metabolism. Because our bodies send signals to our brain screaming, “I’m hungry” when we don’t eat, it’s nearly impossible to control ourselves around food when it’s in front of us. Have a PHFF! balanced meal or snack before heading out the door.

  2. Navigate those carbs. Look, we love carbs. We love chips, crackers, bread, pasta, breaded & fried chicken fingers, breaded & fried vegetables, breaded & fried…everything. Unfortunately, these types of empty carbs don’t fill us up (duh, they’re empty) and we keep going back for more. When we overeat, we feel bloated and yucky and then there’s no more room for drinks. Try sticking with the veggie tray for your carb source (fiber!) and look for protein and healthy fat sources – I’m sure there will be plenty! (hello, buffalo wings!)

  3. Bring along a bottle of seltzer. Mix clear liquor with seltzer and add lemon or lime or even a few slices of cucumber. Like wine? Bring a bottle. The sweeter the wine, the more sugar, so keep that in mind when picking one out. How about beer? Beer isn’t a great choice and I usually recommend limiting it as it’s full of grains and gluten (except hard ciders, which are gluten free). Definitely avoid sugary mixed drinks [read: anything mixed with juice or soda] for obvious reasons – one of those reasons being the horrendous hangovers they cause – it’s a Sunday people, you have to work tomorrow.

My Top 10 Super Bowl Party Recipes


Crispy Baked Potato Chips + Avocado Ranch Dip

The Best Damn Guacamole

Herby Yogurt Ranch Dip

Finger Foods 

Chili Lime Pepitas

Sweet n’ Spicy Brussels Sprouts

Lemon Pepper Wings

The Main Dish

Italian Meatballs

Slow Cooker Philly Chicken

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Snack Bars


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