About Katie

Hi! I’m Katie Pipinich, a registered dietitian with a passion for helping others improve their overall health and wellness. I received a master’s degree in nutrition from Arizona State University in 2012. I have also completed advanced training to become a certified diabetes educator and board-certified lactation consultant. I have been a member of the Metabolism Makeover team for over two years!

I am passionate about empowering women to make meaningful changes to improve their lives (especially after becoming moms). As a working mom with two young kids, I know what it’s like to raise a family, work and try to take care of yourself in between! It’s not easy, and I can relate to the struggle!

As much as I love talking about food and educating people about nutrition, there are so many other important areas tied to overall wellness. I pride myself in respecting the uniqueness of each person I work with and work very hard to formulate an individualized approach! One of my favorite things about being a dietitian is learning the stories of each of my clients.

I can’t wait to work with you to help simplify the process of achieving your wellness goals!

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