NA’s Prime Day 2019 Guide

prime day guide

Name a more important day of the year. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I’m an OG Primer. I’ve been getting free shipping on all my favorite products basically since Day 1. I’m just SO passionate about free shipping and a great deal, ya know? 

I know you know. 

And this is the *sale of the summer* (OK yeah – the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is cool too but I’m not fancy and I buy most of my clothes on Amazon. Yep. That’s right. STAY TUNED FOR MORE ON THIS). 

You guys already know I love Amazon (check my lil’ Amazon store here with all my favs) so you had to be expecting a post like this. It’s just the perfect time to stock on essentials, and even maybe some not-so-essentials (like…if you’ve been holding out on an Instant Pot, this is prob the time to buy).

The only thing I DON’T like about Prime Day is that it can be a little overwhelming so I want to share my top picks and and advice for efficient shopping. Let’s do this. 


  • In case you’re not in the know, you need to get in the know. This is a massive sale exclusively for Amazon Prime members. This includes trial members (don’t have a membership yet? You can try it for free and get access!!), Amazon Household, Fresh, Family, and Student Memberships.

  • Amazon Prime Day 2019 will officially begin at 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. EST) on Monday, July 15 and will go for 48 hours.

  • Sales roll out and disappear all day both days, so you kinda have to be on top of them. More tips on that in a sec.

  • There are some “pre-sales” that are already live, so I’ll give you the low down on those as well.


  • You’ve gotta be a Prime Member, so if you’re not, for SURE sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial right now or even a 6 month trial if you are a student.

  • Create a Wish List and indicate that you want to be notified when/if an item goes on sale. This is really fun – I’m doing this today instead of meal prepping or accomplishing anything else I need to be accomplishing before the week begins.

  • Get a free trial with Amazon Fresh for sick deals at Whole Foods that will delivered to your door…THESE deals actually start today!! I can’t believe how much $ I saved on groceries today. BIG containers of organic strawberries for $2.50, organic blueberries for $3.99, organic peaches for $2.50/lb, REBBL Cold Brews for 50% off, Wild Sockeye Salmon for $9.99/lb, TALENTI GELATO FOR $3, goat cheese for $2.50. AMAZING. Also, guys, you get $15 off your first order when you use FRESH15.

  • Check out Prime Pantry. They’re doing some massive deals (like up to 60%) and they’re also doing $10 off your Prime Pantry order of $40 or more. Use code PANTRY at checkout to get the $10 off. This is cool because you can get staple items like paper towels, toilet paper, healthy oils, chia seeds, and grass-fed protein powder.


  • First, start with checking my Amazon Store where I house all my favorite Amazon products that I use daily. I update this every month. I even delete things I no longer use and it’s been fully updated for Prime Day by the time you are reading this. This is the one-stop shop for all the things I use (or regularly recommend to clients) ALL THE TIME. So you can go in there today and start adding stuff to your Wish List.

  • Then, get an idea for what’s already on sale and what’s likely to go on sale. I’m going to list some of the things on my radar that have already gone on pre-sale or that I know year after year have deep discounts. I do NOT know what products will go on sale Monday and Tuesday, but you keep logging in to Amazon, you’ll find those deals popping up all day.

  • Air Fryers. I think this is gonna be a BIG ONE over the next couple of days. These types of gadgets are known to go on sale, and the Inofia Air Fryer is already 40% off ($119). If you don’t know what an air fryer is, it’s a deep fryer that uses 80% less oil. Yes. Please.

  • Instant Pots. YO. You are guaranteed to see some instant pots on massive sale. Amazon has at least one big deal on these every year. Here’s a link to some of the top models, so again, keep an eye out. I do know this KitchenAid model is already 30% off and it’s adorable.

  • NutriBullet Blenders. Always always always see some solid deals on these. Contrary to what you may think…I actually don’t use a Vitamix (This beast, by the way, is $100 off already if you wanna snag one). I have one, but it’s more of a pain to clean in my opinion so I use my trusty little NutriBullet for my smoothies. They’re all pretty good!

  • Cast Iron Skillets. OK………if you’re still using non-stick pans, what are you even doing? Those things are straight up poison. Throw them in your trash right now. What I’m really digging about cast iron right now is that they actually add iron to your food, which is a major plus during pregnancy. These guys are 50% off already!

I’ll keep updating as much as I can – tomorrow is Andy’s birthday but I plan on adding things to my store at the very least as I see awesome deals come in. HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!


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