My AG is full!
About Seneca

Hi! I’m Seneca! I’ve been living the MM lifestyle since it started! I now run the M3 Fitness Program! I’m excited to be here to support your MM journey and your fitness goals. I live in North Carolina. I’m married to my college sweetheart, and we have two teenagers. I’m a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and nurse. My favorite pastime is paddleboarding! I love motivating people, and if you hang out with me long enough, I’ll have you believing you can achieve anything!

Seneca's Accountability Group (AG)
We're a chatty bunch, a mix of OG M3 veterans and newbies! We come from all walks of life, spanning ages from 30s to 50s, with kids ranging from tiny tots to adults. Some of us juggle full-time jobs, while others rock the stay-at-home parent gig.
Most people join us for that extra push to stay on track with their fitness goals. I can turn anyone into a fitness enthusiast! We chat a lot about nutrition, goals, and mindset! Plus, we've got a bunch of AG leaders in the mix, so you're in excellent company with this crew of awesome women!
We use Whatsapp to communicate in our group.

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