About Meghan
I’m 41 years young with a blended family. My daughter is 6 and bonus son is 24, bonus daughter 26!
I did MM in November 2021. Feels like forever ago and yesterday at the same time!
MM taught me more about my body than any health class I ever took. Playing my food in the most nutritious way will never get old. It’s like a new challenge every meal!
My hubby is a firefighter working 24hr shifts, we love the PNW and are active outside, love a good crime podcast or snuggling up with a book!
Meghan's Accountability Group (AG)
My group is a very mixed bag.
We are supportive and check in weekly with goals and meal plans!
You are not alone on this journey. The hard part is done - you made the decision to be here. Let’s keep the momentum going!
We use Whatsapp to communicate in our group.

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