My AG is full!
About April
I'm 43 years young, a boy-mom of two under 5, I have a full-time job, and I'm in school until May 2024!
Started MM in January 2023
All-or-nothing recovery and trusting myself + my body DEEPLY.
Massive TSwift fan, never-ending puns, and likely the most creative person you’ll ever meet in implementation of your goals.
April's Accountability Group (AG)
We span from young, single professionals in their 30s, moms with young children in the thick of it, and 50-year-old women beyond young kids connecting with the next exciting chapter of their lives!
We love group challenges to focus on building one great habit, mindset > everything, nervous system work, and being each other’s BEST advocates! This group might not be for you if you're solely focused on weight loss, don’t like to hear your mindset is where you have to start, or don’t like daily accountability and check-ins. We like to chat!
We’d love you at our table. I believe you’re with IT ALL.
We use Facebook Messenger to communicate in our group.

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