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Every few months or so, a new hot diet starts showing up all over my Instagram feed. And, honestly, I usually just ignore them. But when questions about the Optavia diet started flooding my DMs too, I went to take a peek. Disclaimer: this is 100% my unbiased opinion as a registered dietitian specializing in […]

protein powder in shaker cup with text "a dietitian's thoughts on the optavia diet"

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Hello, my name is Megan and I do not recommend MLM diets. No, not even that one. No…no, Karen, put your credit card down. $500 in pre-packed powders is not going to save you. I want to be clear here – I am not anti-multi-level marketing. I have a handful of direct sales products I […]

measuring tape wrapped around fork with title "what you need to know about MLM diets"