What is an HTMA?

A HTMA is a hair tissue mineral analysis that is going to show us your mineral status over the last three months. More specifically it’s showing us:

  • How your body is utilizing minerals to respond to internal and external stressors over time.
  • A better understanding of the stage of stress you are currently in (chronic or burnout)
  • Nervous system dominance: is your stress causing you to lean more towards parasympathetic state (rest/digest) or sympathetic state (fight/flight)?
  • Metabolic type: are you a fast or slow metabolizer and how is your metabolism synched up to your adrenals and your thyroid.
  • How your minerals are working together to power certain processes within your body such as the vitality of your cells, adrenal health, thyroid health, sex hormones, emotional/mental health, blood sugar management and your nervous system
  • Heavy metals and how they are leaving your body via the hair (which we want that!)

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