5 Skinny Pasta Swaps You Need in Your Life


I’ve been feeling so guilty that I’ve been so MIA, you guys. I’m like, nervous to even post. Do I even know you anymore? Where did August go?

Andy and I sold our house (yes, our adorable house that we LOVED) because the market is good and it felt right. And as many of you know, we are in the process of opening a bar in Atlanta so we wanted to free up some cash.

However – I don’t know that I would recommend selling your house, moving from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom apt, starting construction on a bar, and continuing to attempt to run your business all in the same month.

But, hey, I lived to tell about it!

I’ve got some really super easy, simple, throw together meals coming at you that allowed me to survive the month, but first I want to share something that I’ve recently become obsessed with – healthy swaps for PASTA.


I’ve just been needing some comfort food, ya know?

And pasta, for me, is the ultimate comfort food. Not super interested in feeling like shit every day after eating all those processed carbs, though. Nor am I pumped about what eating pasta daily does to my stomach (seriously – does pasta just go STRAIGHT to your lower ab fat or is it just me???!)

So I started getting really creative and I want to share my FAV pasta alternatives. Is it the real thing? No. Do I think you should pass up a delicious plate of homemade truffle pasta if ever presented to you? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But if you’re craving pasta every day like I have been, these alternatives will hit the spot.


So…1000% life changing. The calories are the same as traditional pasta, red lentil pasta has 34 g carbs and 11 g fiber (so, only 23 g net carbs) + 13 g protein for a 2 oz serving. Regular pasta has 41 g carbs and 5 g fiber (36 net carbs) + 7 g protein for the same size serving.


I buy these at Trader Joe’s, but you can also shredย brussels in a food processor. I like to REALLY lightly sautee these for about 30 seconds before adding them to a bowl with a small serving of red lentil pasta + lots of olive oil, lemon, and pink salt. However, you could go raw, too.


I buy this at any grocery store and it’s in my fridge 365. Can’t live without it. I prepare it the same as the Brussels. Just a SUPER quick sautee then I mix it with some red lentil pasta. I like a little Kerrygold butter (cabbage and butter are just a yes) and garlic on this.


This is the closest veggie you’ll get to real pasta and Iย eat this with marinara, some Italian Turkey Meatballs, and a little parm or nutritional yeast (big fan of nutritional yeast when I’m cutting back on dairy). Also – you can totally make s.s. in the microwave in 10 minutes!)


Zucchini basically tastes like nothing so you can dress it up any way. you’re feelin’. The only reason zucchini is probably my last choice is because it requires you buy a spiralizer (although Whole Foods sells bags of it!). Worth it though if you are a pasta fiend like me.

I can pretty much find the red lentil pasta anywhere now (including here on Amazon). And I love to do just a little of the lentil pasta with lots of either Brussels or Angel Hair Coleslaw. Still keeps it in the moderate carb range, doesn’t make me bloated, and keeps me super full because of all the fiber (fiber turns off hunger hormones).

But like I said – if my Italian mother in law brings over lasagna….if I go to my fav Italian resto and there is any sort of pasta made with butter or truffle oil….if Andy makes homemade pasta with butter and parm…yeah, Imma eat that.


– I never say “no” to anything forever. –

It’s just not my style.

But I’m gonna save my pasta sprees for really, REALLY good pasta. Because the majority of the time, I’d rather feel good and have energy by keeping my blood sugar balanced (something that eating pasta is NOT going to achieve).

Anyone else totally sucked in the Leah Remini Scientology series on A&E? SO into it right now. I turn into a giant loser couch potato in the fall when all my fav TV shows start again, so I’m prepping for it.

Hope you guys enjoy your SHORT week!




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