911 Snacks to Throw in Your Car, Purse, Desk Drawer, Whatever


kale chips, nuts, protein powder, chia seeds, journal, sunglasses

If I didn’t keep snacks in the center counsel of my car, I would die right there on the interstate during Atlanta rush-hour traffic. Fact.

I HATE stopping to eat. Omg I HATE it. I’m go go go all the time and when I’m running around like a psycho the last thing I wanna do is find a spot to grab something healthy on the go. So I always have snacks on me to get me to my next meal.

But I’m VERY picky about my snacks. Snacks are one of those things that can easily throw you off track. A lot of people plan their meals, and they plan them to be healthy. But when you get a snack attack in the middle the day and you become

I mean, a lot of us plan our meals to stay on track during the week, which is great, but when we get a snack attack in the middle the day and become hangry, we’ll grab for ANYTHING – right?

And that’s why we’ve gotta be prepared.

walnuts and pecans

But for me, there is zero chance I’ll remember to grab something on my way out the door, so the snacks can’t be something that needs to be refrigerated.

They’ve gotta be able to just stay in my purse or my car so when I’m suddenly ravenous, I know they’re just there.

I look for something that has protein, fat, and fiber all in one. We’re talking EFFICIENCY SNACKS here. So here’s what I’ve been stashing all over the place lately:

kale chips, walnuts, chia seeds

 – pistachios, almonds, and cashews –

Any nuts, really. They’re full of healthy fat, protein, and fiber. And they keep forever, even in a hot car (HA – trust me).

– Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips –

I’m having such a moment with these. Sometimes in a SUPER pinch, I’ll even eat a whole bag as a meal. Each bag has around 15 g fat, 8 g fiber, and 12 g protein and suuuuuper clean ingredients. Normally I like at least 20 g protein for a meal, but chances are, I’ve walked out of the house with a scoop of collagen in my coffee anyway.

[And FYI – my fav flavors are Kool Ranch,Zesty Nacho, and Spicy Jalapeno !!]

– almond butter packets –

If you’re not carrying almond butter packets in your purse, you need to get with the program. I just squeeze these right into my mouth.

– single servings of protein powder with chia seeds –

This is so obnoxious, but I always have this in my bag when I go to bartend. Because in a pinch, if I NEED something quick and easy, I always have a water bottle on my that I can throw this into. This is really just to calm my blood sugar crash if I have one, and prevent me from flying home at 3 AM to shove everything in my fridge into my mouth.

walnuts, pecans, business cards

I also keep snacks secretly stashed in Andy’s car. They’re everywhere, really. And this all works out so well because his hypoglycemia is so f-ing dramatic.

If you were to ask me what the key to a successful marriage is, I would say “car snacks”.

Ok, HAPPY SNACKING. Go equip yourself – you’ll thank me.



—get more office snacks inspo here

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