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I’ve been in MAJOR self-development mode lately and I wanted to share a couple of nuggets with you guys that have really helped me out.

And I’m not just talkin’ helping me be better at my job – I also want to learn fun stuff that I enjoy and am passionate about.

You know…I’m going to be a mother now. I’m 33. It’s time to start investing in things that will make me happy (and make me money) instead of 3 Martini Mondays at Cheesecake Factory.


We’re living in a time where literally anyone can learn any skill they want to. It’s all at our fingertips.

Wanna learn to be a photographer? It’s possible.

Wanna learn sign language? Easy.

Wanna learn how to set up a badass Etsy shop to sell your handmade soaps? There’s an online class for that.

Need help with SEO for your new blog but can’t afford to hire someone? The Internet’s got you.

I could keep going. 

Yes, you could try to just figure it out yourself. Some gifted people (not me) can totally learn that way. But most people (me) will just end up frustrated and give up.

OR! You can make a ton of mistakes and do a bunch of really dumb shit that inevidably ends up delaying whatever your end goal is. Example: did you know I started my blog on Tumblr? LOL. Let’s keep that between us.

So if you’ve been trying to figure out how to finally start that blog, write better copy, use Excel like a pro, master the art calligraphy for your wedding invites, make your own GIFs, learn photoshop, or make pasta from scratch to impress your Italian mother-in-law…

I found this website called Skillshare that can teach you ALL OF THIS. You guys. This thing is major.


OK think of it as total access to all of your college’s online courses, but with classes that teach you things that actually matter (or don’t really matter but are just cool and fun). Things that will make your life easier.

THEY HAVE 25,000 CLASSES right there on their website.

At your fingertips. I’ve been so excited about this for the last couple of weeks since discovering it. 

We’ve used it to do a lot of backend website work lately over at NA, and it’s been a lifesaver. I’m doing the free trial right now so it’s cost me nothing.

Thinking about what this would have cost me to hire someone, and what I’m saving, makes me wanna go out and treat myself to a lobster dinner and like 3 dirty martinis. (oops, just said I wasn’t gonna do that anymore)

Oh, and my favorite part? They have an app. So I can just be chillin’ in the waiting room at my chiro while learning about HTML and CSS.

Which, by the way, I would never actually do, but if that sounds like fun to you…

Anyway, go check it out. Might as well – you get a free 2-month trial to see if it’s something you’d use.

I also “gifted” the sign language classes to my sister (who has been wanting to learn) like I’m some kinda boss who can nbd afford to just gift her sister ASL classes. So if it’s not your thing, this would also make a super awesome and unique gift for the nerd in your life.


Since we’re on the subject, let’s go a little deeper on blogging for a sec because even if you’re not a blogger right now, I am constantly getting messages from people telling me they’re interested in starting a blog and have no idea where or how to start.

And honestly? Idk. Blogging is definitely not my area of expertise. But I found an amazing shortcut.

My friend Kate is basically a blogging genius. I’ve never really tried to monetize my blog because it was never my goal, but recently she asked me how much I make on just my actual blog. 

And I told her a) I had no idea, I don’t really pay attention to my blog but the answer is probably “very little” and b) that I was under the impression that very few bloggers actually made enough money to make a living anymore so it wasn’t important enough for me to pay attention to.

I thought she was gonna slap me. Apparently, I was wrong?

She then told me that she replaced her full-time job income in her 2nd year blogging, and made $150K in her 3rd year, AND was able to take 4 months off for maternity leave and still earned $58K during that time away. 



She sent me a bunch of both free and paid resources that she’s created and WOWOWOW they are honestly the most valuable resources I’ve EVER seen when it comes to not only setting up a blog from scratch (like how to do it the smart way aka not the way I did it, TUMBLR) but how to professionally set up sponsored content like a boss and make REAL affiliate money. 

And when she told me how much she on ads every month – which is a part of the training – I about sh*t myself.

If you’re just getting started out and have no idea where to begin, Kate can help.

If you’re like me and have had a blog for years but aren’t sure where to go next, Kate can help.

I’m just going to link my favorite “Kate” resources here and you guys can browse anything that looks like it would help you.

  1. 99-Step Roadmap to Profitable Blogging (really good starting point)

  2. The Six-Figure Blogger’s Guide to Sponsored Content Webinar (you can watch this now!)

  3. The Six-Figure Blogger’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing, (this will be a live class TOMORROW, Monday, October 7th @ noon EST so sign up to get the link!! I’m excited for this)

  4. Six-Figure Blogger Academy (this one costs money, but my team and I just went through it and holy sh*t it was worth it. AND they’re open for enrollment right now so GET IN ON IT).

6-figure blog academy


I know, so millennial of me. But I listen to podcasts in the car, while I do laundry/housework to make it less yucky, while I get ready in the morning, while I’m on walks – I’m addicted.

And it’s because there is just SO MUCH FREE LEARNING at your fingertips. Now, courses and classes are fantastic because they really force you to deep dive into the topic you’re looking to learn about.

Podcasts generally just scratch the surface. So I’m not listening to a podcast to necessarily change my life. However, I firmly believe in the power of repetition.

If I have educational and motivational words pumping through my brain every day, I am FAR more likely to be walking around with a positive, I’m-ready-to-kick-this-day-in-the-ass attitude.

I think you really have to find what resonates and serves you, but my top tip here is to pick just a handful of really solid podcasts that you listen to religiously.

You don’t need to be spending 20 minutes browsing through 48294 podcasts when it’s time to throw your makeup on in the morning.

Here are my top 3 that I generally rotate through.

  1. Amy Porterfield – Marketing Made Easy: If I had to choose ONE online marketing podcast to listen to, this would be it. It’s not just high level – it’s super actionable.

  2. Katie Wells – Wellness Mama – Katie hits on topics from food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living – EVERYTHING. And she’s a total research buff so you know anything she talks about has been thoroughly vetted. She’s also a BOSS and gets the absolute best guests and top experts in their fields to come on the show.

  3. James Wedmore – Mind Your Business Podcast – OK, another business podcast. But James’ approach to marketing and business is a little different. He believes that success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. It’s a perfect hybrid of strategy and spirit.

OK so these are some of the tools I’m diggin’ right now.

Lmk what you think. Do you like posts like this?

If you try any of this stuff, shoot me a message, I wanna know. Especially if you come across something cool in Skillshare; I can’t say I’ve had time to browse all 25,000 courses quite yet, ha. 

K have a good weekend!

Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links, which means I get paid a lil bit of money if you purchase something I recommend. I would never, ever recommend a product I wouldn’t purchase myself (that’s so gross).


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