NA’s Holiday Gift Guide

TIME TO BE A REAL BLOGGER and put together a holiday gift guide!

I enlisted the help of a few of my friends to bring you a little something for everyone – enjoy!

hands holding mighty fix box

FOR YOUR “GREEN” FRIENDThe New Knew (Lisa Fennessy)


  • Scan Pans – just got these and am obsessed! They’re non-toxic and non-stick!

  • Global Knives – good knives are the ultimate necessity! These are a good price point and they’re really the best!

  • Vitamix – because… smoothies! Yes, it’s an investment, but it’s really the best one out there. I’ve had mine for 6 years and it still works like a charm!

  • Glass Straws – easy to clean, reusable glass straws for your smoothie drinking!Nambe Yaro Acacia-Wood Salad Bowl

  • Giant Wooden Salad Bowl – we got this one for our wedding 5 years ago and it’s still my fave!

  • Instant Pot – definitely 1 of my most-used kitchen appliances. Totally changed my chicken game & there’s no better way to make hard boiled eggs!

  • Frother – for collagen hot chocolate, matcha lattes, bulletproof coffee… this frother heats and froths at the same time and is really compact so it doesn’t take up too much kitchen space!

  • The best milk jug for homemade nut milk – easy to clean, seals shut so it doesn’t spill, and keeps your milk fresh!Smeg Toaster

  • Waffle Maker – something about the holidays makes me want to wake up and make homemade waffles. This 2-square waffle maker is ideal because it’s small and won’t take up an entire cabinet, but it still makes thick, Belgian-style waffles!

  • Smeg Toaster – don’t we all need a cute retro-style toaster in our kitchens?


  • 100% Pure Korean Sheet Mask Essentials100% Pure Korean Sheet Mask Essentials – Everyone loves a great sheet mask! And this kit has 5 plus a set of under-eye gels. Plus, these are deeply hydrating to keep dry winter skin away and ideal for holiday travel.

  • Beautycounter Mini Lip Gloss Vault – A color to match every mood and outfit! Every woman of every age on your gift list would be giddy to open up and play with this fun set of little lippies.

  • 100% Pure Rose Gold Romance Gift Set – This eyeshadow pallet is like the green beauty version of Urban Decay’s classic Naked palette and flatters every skin type, plus comes with coordinating lipgloss and lipstick.

  • Body Unburdened Rose Quartz Gua Sha Mushroom Set – Have you heard about gua sha yet!? It’s a traditional Chinese medicine practice that saw a total revival in 2019. It’s been dubbed “Eastern Botox” (but important note: it shouldn’t be practiced on Botox or fillers) for its ability to smooth fine lines and helps decrease under-eye puffiness and improve clarity by stimulating lymphatic flow. The mushrooms come in a cute little storage pouch and with complete instructions and should be paired with a face oil (like Megan’s favorite Body Unburdened Beauty Blend No3!) to create slip.

  • Herbivore Self Love Body Ritual Kit 2019 – Including 2 body polishes and a nourishing body oil, this is another great gift for any lady on your list.

  • Province Apothecary Dual Action Jade Roller – Like gua sha tools, face rollers were a huge 2019 skincare trend. This roller stands apart from the rest since one side has a textured roller for even better results.

FOR YOUR NERDY FRIEND – My assistant/sister/Queen of the Nerds

  • NON-FICTION: I Am Malala – You’ve probably heard of this one by now, but in case you haven’t – a 15-year-old girl fighting for education in Pakistan was shot in the face by the Taliban and survived (and casually won a Nobel Peace Prize). I wanted to run through a brick wall for equal access to education after reading this.

  • SPORTS: Friday Night Lights – No, it’s not like the TV show. It’s about a journalist who documents one season at the best high school football team in Texas in the 80s. Honestly, it’s like 10% about football. It’s mainly about an extremely divided community and how far a town will go for their high school sports. I’m not gonna lie – it’s mostly depressing. But it’s worth the read.

  • FICTION: Allegedly – A teenager who was convicted of murder as a nine-year-old tries out to turn her life around and set the record straight about what really happened. The whole book is intense, but the ending is one that made me set my book down and stare at a wall for 10 minutes to recover.Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

  • THRILLER: Emma in the Night – I don’t have a favorite book, but if I did…it would be this one. It starts as a typical mystery novel with a forensic psychologist trying to solve an old kidnapping case. But her focus isn’t on psychopaths or murderers; it’s on narcissists. This was unlike any other thriller I’ve ever read.

  • POP CULTURE: Big Little Lies – A rich coastal town in Australia. A fancy school full of cliquey moms. A mysterious death. Read the book, then immediately watch the show. If you don’t have HBO, get the trial and binge watch it. It’s worth your free trial.

  • Just get them a Barnes and Noble gift card. There’s no better gift for a bookworm.

FOR YOUR FRIEND ON A HEALTH KICK – The Nutrition Addiction

  • On-the-Go Supplements Container – I bring my supplements EVERYWHERE. Restaurants, vacations, the dog park. I don’t care. This saved me from carrying them around in Ziplock baggies like a crazy lady.

  • Rose Quartz Water BottleRose Quartz Water Bottle – There’s just something about a fancy water bottle that makes me want to drink more water. This one’s got rose quartz and amethyst crystals in it, and all the good stuff like being BPA- and lead-free. No bad energy around here.

  • Thrive Market Membership – You guys. This is basically Costco meets Whole Foods (minus the free dip samples, sadly). It’s like a one-stop-shop for organic products (with the BEST sales). Plus, you don’t have to go to the grocery store, which is always a bonus for me.

  • FrotherUltimate Frother – This takes my protein coffee game to a new level (otherwise it gets lumpy). It’s also a steamer, so you can get really fancy with your coffee.

  • Kombucha Brewing Kit – Yes, I know how extra this is. I don’t care. Using this is what I imagine the pioneers felt like after churning their own butter. This includes everything you could possibly need to get started.

If you wanna check out some of my past must-haves, you can find them here, here, and here.

Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links, which means I (or someone mentioned on this page) get paid a lil bit of money if you purchase something recommended. I would never, ever recommend a product I wouldn’t purchase myself (that’s so gross).

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