My Morning Routine that Fires Up My Metabolism, Stat.

megan drinking coffee on porch

Morning routines! Ah, I love a routine. It makes me feel sane. Seriously, if my bedtime (which is VERY intense – I’ll share more on that in a later post) or morning routine gets derailed, I feel like my life is in shambles.

Especially that morning routine – it just sets the tone for the day. When I decided to do NA full-time, I had SUCH a hard time establishing a morning routine. I would run around like a bat shit psycho the second I jumped out of bed in the morning and that pretty much defined my entire day.

I’d love to say that I nipped that in the bud immediately, but nope!!! I lived like that for almost a year. And then I got to a point where I realized I HAD to do something to help with all the stress and anxiety I was experiencing trying to run a new business, open a bar, and side hustle – bartending.


Because it was taking a toll on my body, too. I was getting sick a lot, I was exhausted all the time, andย started gaining a little weight. Nothing crazy, but I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.

So finally I decided to get my SHIT together in more ways than one, but one of those ways was my morning routine. Like I said, your morning routine SETS THE TONE, so if you take care of yourself (and your metabolism!!) first thing in the morning, you’re likely to take better care of yourself (and…your metabolism!) all day long.

Ok, so let’s get to it. I’m gonna share my exact morning routine with you guys, and the emphasis is on metabolism because when you get your metabolism revved up in the morning, you’re setting yourself up to burn fat all day long. AND bonus – you’ll have a lot more energy (which honestly is my #1 priority).

10 AM: Gratitude.

I’m up until at least 2 AM, so I sleep in. Every morning, I open my phone and type in 3 things I’m thankful for, while I’m still in bed, in my Notes app. It sounds weird, but starting my day with gratitude gets me vibin’ high first thing, which reduces the stress hormones that cause weight gain. Plus, being thankful never hurt ANYONE.

10:05-10:35 AM: Phone check.

I open up social media, check emails, and nail down my agenda for the day (still in bed). Why? Because I love it. I get so many positive messages and love on my social, so I like to start my day by messaging and interacting with you guys. And I go through my agenda because I love what I do and I get really fired up about it. Same idea as gratitude here. Maybe for you this looks like texting your mom, reading a few pages of a book, meditation, kissing your babe, walking your dogs……you get it.

Hygiene check.

jojoba oil, collagen, coffee, moisturizer, peanut butter

I brush my teeth, oil pull for a few minutes (I JUST started doing this to whiten my sensitive teeth), slather my face in caffeine sunscreen, jojoba oil, andย rosehip oil and get dressed in my gym clothes. If I don’t do this, I’ll be in my Biggie t-shirt and sweats all day and I’ll never brush my hair.

CHUG water.

I try to down 32 oz first thing. It’s so insane but I don’t care. Not only do I like to ‘flush’ out like a mini-detox every morning, but staying hydrated majorly boosts your metabolism – like up to 30%. No joke. And being even 1-2% dehydrated can really screw with your energy levels, hunger levels, cravings…so drink up. I like to add a little fresh ginger and lemon juice (if I have it) for some extra detoxing too.

Make Protein Coffee.ย 

Yeah, Protein Coffee is delicious and makes me happy, but it’s what’s IN the coffee that really revs up my metabolism first thing. Protein coffee is protein powder, collagen peptides, MCT oil, and coffee. So lemme break it down for ya –

  • Protein has a thermic (burning!!) effect, and getting at least 30 g of it first thing can immediately boost your metabolism up by 30% for a few hours.

  • Collagen peptides is collagen protein. So, more protein! Plus the million other health benefits you get from collagen.

  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a type of fat that has major fat burning properties. It’s the type of fat found in coconut oil, making coconut oil another really good choice if you don’t have MCT oil.

Then, I usually write for a couple hours, grab a PHFF balanced breakfast about an hour or two in, and then I’m off to the gym. Oh, and TONS of snuggles with my dogs. Like a creepy amount.

The one thing I don’t typically do that I HIGHLY recommend if you’re looking to really go all in and get your metabolism revved up like crazy, is workout first thing. If you can make it happen, it really does give you a great burn that can last throughout the day. Especially if you are doing resistance training and/or high-intensity interval training.

I just have a lot of creative energy when I first wake up and I like to channel it.

So,ย if you’re looking to really get that metabolism going first thing, remember – GRATITUDE, water, MCT oil, protein, workout.ย And if this seems overwhelming…..

Start with the water. Chug. That. Water.

That’s my #1 tip.

And since starting this routine, my mornings have become so relaxing and chill. And while the rest of my day gets pretty crazy usually, starting out slow and HEALTHY really, really helps keep myself in check all day.

Happy Sunday, babes. Who’s in on starting a metabolism-boosting morning routine this week?


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