Putting Heavy Cream in Your Coffee is Hot


heavy cream in iced coffee next to laptop

There is honestly nothing sexier than asking your barista if she’s got a little heavy cream back there to sneak into your coffee.

It makes you feel kinda bad. But in a good way.

Like, “I drink heavy cream because IDGAF.

But deep down you really do GAF and you’re totally only doing it for #health. But no one has to know that.

It’s finally gorgeous here in ATL so you can find me on the iced coffee train for the next 7 months. I’m sitting on a patio at this coffee shop in the pictures as we speak and I could not love life any more. I’m in my yoga pants, with my white Bose headphones and my MacBook and iphone, both with white marble cases, taking 10,000 pictures of my iced coffee. BASIC BITCH HEAVEN.

megan holding iced coffee from above

Let’s Talk Heavy Cream

OK moving on to dairy talk: can we stop drinking fat-free milk and using nasty fat-free creamers? Can we stop with the soy milk? Are people really still doing that? If so, let me tell you WHY I ask for heavy cream when I hit the ‘Bucks (they’ll always sneak you some of the good good) and why you really need to start embracing full-fat dairy now.

Let’s get this out of the way: saturated fats are not the enemy. Repeat that until it sinks in, because the research is real and it’s here to stay. We now know how that the main culprits of heart disease and diabetes are sugar and an excess of refined carbs (like bread and junk food) in the diet.

DUH – real cream tastes better in your coffee than that watery almond milk, or even half and half. And you don’t even need much – just add a splash (or two) and taste the difference.

Half and half is great, too, but why not go full throttle and just get the real stuff? The more fats the better.

But let’s keep in mind that organic and grass-fed dairy is always >>>> conventional dairy. Can’t avoid it at most coffee shops, but at home, make sure you’re buying organic and even better, grass-fed.

You guys know I’m not aggressive about buying organic because it’s not accessible to everyone – totally get that. But I’m REALLY big on buying organic and/or grass-fed cream and butter because it is easily accessible and not much more cost-wise.

The health benefits, like increased omega-3s and CLAs, are well worth the extra dollar. I’ll do a post on this topic later with way more details on why later, but for the moment, TRUST ME.

megan holding iced coffee with heavy cream against stone wall

Look for organic, but check your shelves for local farms doing the grass-fed thing. I would buy small and local grass-fed over organic any day, because many small farms are technically organic, they just can’t afford the organic certification. It’s expensive, yo. (of course it is)

Enjoy your coffee – it’s about to get a WHOLE lot better! 



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