The Nutrition Addiction’s 3 Fav Healthy Reads

the nutrition addiction’s fav healthy reads

I love to GUZZLE nutrition information. When a new nutrition/diet/health book comes out, I’m probably reading it.

Andy actually said to me the other day, “you don’t give a shit about anything until you give a shit about it and then you’re so over the top obsessed with it.”



“Megan didn’t a shit about anything, except the things she was psychotically obsessed with.”

There’s probably a better way to word that – anyone good with headstones phrases? DM me.

It’s true though – even when I know I’m not going to fully agree with a new book or article that comes out, I’m probably going to read it. Because guess what? There is not one way to eat! I’m constantly experimenting on myself to see how different ways of eating, living, working out, moving, thinking, etc, etc affects me.

Reading and studying the research on blood sugar and how macro and micronutrients affect our bodies, combined with a lot of experimentation and success is why I preach eating PHFF! in just about every blog post. I didn’t just pull it out of my ass (if I did I’d prob be rich af).


I’ve gotten a TON of DMs and emails in the last few months asking my recommendations on nutrition/diet books so here we go.

“the calorie myth” by jonathan bailor, “body love” by kelly leveque, “your personal paleo code” by chris kresser

Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of any of these books and I don’t think every method or idea works for every single person. BUT I do trust the science presented and I think they’re incredibly smart and thought provoking.

| The Calorie Myth |

This book gives a very intriguing argument (and a TON of evidence) that calories are, in fact, stupid. (DUH TOLD YA) And counting them, in the long term, is extremely ineffective. I think most of us can agree that food quality is more important than food quantity, but Jonathan Bailor really lays out the why. He also outlines a nutrition guide based on what your goals are (do you wanna look like a stage-ready bikini model or do you just wanna feel comfortable in a swim suit?).

His workout program wasn’t for me, but it’s very interesting and eye-opening and still worth the read.

Find The Calorie Myth here.

| Body Love |

THIS. BOOK. Body Love is brand spanking new, but has made the list. Kelly is my soul sister when it comes to her approach to nutrition and what “being and living well” actually means.

Body Love doesn’t tell you what to eat, it gives you the science behind how your body responds to food (and it’s dependent on a LOT of different factors, that she goes into) and then it leaves you with – hey, EAT THE DONUT – just know how your body is going to respond to that donut. Know exactly what it’s doing to your blood sugar and metabolism and how you’re going to feel in 2 hours, and THEN know how to autocorrect so that the donut doesn’t send you spiraling into an all-day carb binge fest.

Kelly isn’t a fan of snacks, but she has a really interesting and thought provoking take on it. It’s a must-read.

Find Body Love here. 

| Your Personal Paleo Code |

There are a million Paleo books out there, and I’ve read a good handful of them, but this one is my winner winner organic chicken dinner. If you want to learn more about the lifestyle (I’m not paleo, obviously, but there are a lot of aspects of the lifestyle that I follow). I love it because it provides a lot of flexibility.

Chris Kresser says, hey WE’RE NOT CAVEMEN ANYMORE! So, you might be totally fine eating dairy and if you are, don’t cut it out.

Kresser is also bae. If you want to seriously nerd out on alternative medicine, you’re welcome —> Chris Kresser’s Blog. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Paleo lifestyle, Your Personal Paleo Code is the way to go.

Now, serious question, what do I need to add to my reading list next?! Doesn’t have to be a health-related book. I’m eying Girl Code and The Brand Gap. Tell me your favs.

Have a great weekend!


Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links. That means, if you purchase something from one of these links, I make a little cash. DUH. I have to eat too, ya know? But I’m not shady, and would never, ever recommend a product that wasn’t amazing and that I don’t already use myself.

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