#BabeBowl = PHFF in a Bowl!

babe bowl

Yep – Babe Bowls. I was going to call these “balance bowls” or “PHFF” bowls” orrr “blood sugar balancing bowls” (omg no) bc that’s probably the best way to describe what they actually are, but that sounded boring and not fun so I went with #BabeBowls.

  1. Babes are fun, and these bowls are fun.

  2. They make you feel good. When you feel like a babe, you feel good.

  3. They make you LOOK good. Balanced blood sugar is sooo key for fat loss, weight maintenance, tons of energy, and a supercharged metabolism. These babies are blood sugar control in a bowl!

If you want to look and feel like a total babe, this is what the majority of your meals need to look like. And really all this is, guys, is eating PHFF. P = Protein, HF = Healthy Fat, F = Fiber which a way of eating that keeps your blood sugar in check. #BabeBowls just kind of puts it all together – we’re constructing PHFF and blood-sugar balancing meals.

(So, if you haven’t read my post on the importance of blood sugar balance or eating PHFF, for sure go do that first!)

This is a really practical way to eat at home in 5-10 minutes using stuff you probably have around the kitchen, especially if you’re meal prepping. You can craft a healthy, delicious, blood sugar ass-kicking #BabeBowl in the time it takes to heat up a nasty Lean Cuisine.

No one wants to eat a kale salad every day.

The whole purpose of a #BabeBowl is being able to pack loads of fiber-rich veggies, GREENS, healthy fats, and lots of protein into one meal, which, as you now know, is always goal, right?! RIGHT.

I have a Babe Bowl at least once a day, and it’s always something different.

LOL that’s an absolute lie.

I love to repeat meals because I’m lazy (keep it simple, stupid) but the point is, it’s totally customizable and there are a million different options for these. Permission to go crazy.

Now, you can really eat these one of two ways. You can neatly place every ingredient into a bowl and eat it like a lady (as shown), or you can just keep it real and mix everything together.

If you are from the Midwest, I know you’re gonna keep it real because you know that nothing on this earth tastes better than chicken, corn and mashed potatoes and gravy stirred together into a giant mess on your dinner plate, amiright? I am 100% a mixer, but I went ahead and photographed this bowl before stirring it all together so that you’d actually find it appealing.


Protein- 20-30 g| chicken, steak, port tenderloin, pastured eggs, tuna, salmon, shrimp, tofu, plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, high quality protein powder

Healthy Fats – at least 20 g | avocado, or guacamole, nuts or nut butters, olives, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, truffle oil, MCT oil, pesto, cheese, bacon, ghee, grass-fed butter, chia seeds

Vegetables – unlimited/at least 8 g fiber | broccoli, cauliflower, romaine, spaghetti squash, spinach, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, radishes, tomatoes, onions, green beans, etc etc

Starchy Vegetables/Carbs – (OPTIONAL) | sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, rice, quinoa, beans, peas, lentils, rice or lentil pasta, squash, fruit

Bonus Bites | homemade dressings or sauces [try my herby yogurt ranch dip or avocado ranch dip], hummus, fermented veggies like kim chi or sauerkraut, lemon or lime juice, vinegar, hot sauce, cilantro, pico de gallo

sweet potato, avocado, grilled chicken, mozzarella, broccoli, lemon juice

If you’re doing a solid meal prep and you have food prepared from each category, you can throw lunch together in 5 minutes.

Heat up leftovers in the microwave, eat them cold over a bed of greens, top Greek yogurt with chia seeds and nuts, or blend protein powder, chia seeds, spinach, and MCT oil all together into a Green Smoothie Bowl.

One of my favorite quick bowls is leftover protein over greens with tons of avocado a big drizzle of olive oil with lemon juice. That’s it. SO EASY.

Here’s a few of my favorite combinations to get you started:

  • grilled chicken + avocado + mozzarella + broccoli + rice + lemon juice

  • eggs + bacon + avocado + pico de gallo + cilantro

  • cottage cheese + smoked salmon + avocado + tomatoes + cucumbers + truffle oil

  • plain greek yogurt + blackberries + cashew butter + chia seeds

  • steak + shrimp + avocado ranch + bell peppers + onions + romaine + lime juice + cilantro

megan holding bowl with egg salad, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado

Why so much avocado?! Because 1 avocado has 8g of fiber! It’s healthy fat AND fiber. Honestly, can’t say enough good things about avocados. Another food like that is chia seeds – you’ll find chia seeds in every smoothie I make I put it in my Protein Coffee a lot, too!

Babes, tag me on Instagram @thenutritionaddiction so I can see your #BabeBowl creations! AND OBVIOUSLY, USE THE HASHTAG.

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