amazon obsessions by the nutrition addiction

I get really obsessed with certain things and I use them or eat them over and over again until I’m sick of them and I move on to the next thing.

I’m sure that’s some sort of really poor quality trait (psychopath, maybe?) but I am who I am!

Like oatmeal. I ate oatmeal EVERY DAY for 4 years. I was so obsessed with it. Sometimes I ate it twice/day. I woke up every morning excited about my oatmeal. I’d add protein powder, peanut butter, chocolate chips, fruit, whatever. I ‘d make pretty patterns and take pictures and post them on Instagram (weird).

I literally can’t look at a bowl of oatmeal anymore. Like, WHO LIKES OATMEAL? GAG.

“Megan, can you PLEASE be a little less extreme and little more consistent?” – my husband, almost every day

Oh well. I do have a couple of things in my life that has remained consistent. Ok, maybe not my life, but at least over the last few years.


First off, Amazon. I mean, will Amazon ever go out of style? I can’t even imagine a world without it. What does this earth look like without 2-day shipping?

I’ve put together a list of my Amazon obsessions for you guys. These are my absolute must-haves. My ride-or-dies. Forever. Or at least until I find something better or more shiny.

 << MCT Oil >>

MCT oil is INSANE. I have at least a teaspoon of this stuff every day – in smoothies, bulletproof coffee, or salads. It gives you crazy energy and is a natural fat burner. Yes, plz.

mct oil

<< Rosehip Oil >>

I’ve been using oils on my body and hair forever, rosehip is SO GOOD to put under your makeup to give you a flawless, dewy finish. This is my favorite brand right now.

radha rosehip oil

<< B12 Supplements >>

I’m sorry, I will NOT be getting a B12 shot…ever. This pill is in methylated form so it’s easily digestible. B12 = natural energy and brain support. I’ve taken this for YEARS.


<< Amber Glass Spray Bottles >>

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I mix up my own cleaning agents and I also wash my hair using the baking soda method now, so I use these bottles to mix up all my potions. They’re UV ray protected and oh-so-cute.

amber glass spray bottles

<< Tinkle Face Razor >>

Y’ALL. If you follow me on Insta you know I luhhh to shave my face. No, the hair doesn’t grow back thick or dark. Yes, it does make my face incredibly smooth and exfoliated.

tinkle face razor

<< Baking Soda >>

I wash my hair with baking soda. I use it as dry shampoo. I wash my rugs with it. I put it in the laundry. I clean the coffee pot with baking soda. I keep this giant bag on hand at all times.

 << Collagen >>

I was using collagen before collagen was cool. Something good for gut health PLUS gives you stronger hair, nails, and better skin? Yes. And Great Lakes is my favorite – it’s the OG of collagen.


<< Brow Tint >>

Again – if you follow me on IG stories….I’m always tinting my brows. And I always overdo it (and secretly love it). This is the at-home kit I use!

brow tint

<< French Press >>

I barely drink drip coffee anymore. Why? Fresh Pressed coffee tastes so much better. I can’t live without this.

french press

 << Natural Calm >>

I recommend this stuff to pretty much all my clients and everyone I meet on the street. It’s super calming at night and is so good to take if you have trouble staying asleep. Also, nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium. Some signs of deficiency are trouble sleeping, migraines and anxiety. Magnesium can also help keep you “regular”.

natural calm

I’ll be spending this lovely Saturday shopping and spending all of my tax return in one place (the internet). So tell me – what are your Amazon obsessions? I’m popping anything and everything in my shopping cart. 


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