2023 Health Trends

I’m not a psychic (I wish), BUT I have a really strong hunch about what 2023 has in store for health trends. 

Every health magazine and publication makes their own predictions, but based on the conversations I have with Metabolism Makeover clients and colleagues (plus a little intuition), I’ve created a list of 8 trends I think we’ll see this year. And, to be honest, some of these are a little out of the ordinary but will shape the way we view our health and bodies for the better!

#1 Take responsibility for our health AND take our power back for it too

More than ever, we’re doing our research, looking for alternative therapies when traditional therapies didn’t work, and using our voices when we’re told “it’s normal,” “you’re fine,” “it’s all in your head”…when it’s most definitely not the case.

#2 Much easier access to basic healthcare

This trend isn’t new to just this year, but I think it’s definitely going to continue to evolve in 2023. Making an appointment and driving to your primary care doctor every time you need something is now the equivalent of a horse and buggy. Need birth control? A retinoid for acne or anti-aging? Migraine meds? Nurx. Need to check on a nagging sore throat? Teladoc App. I predict more and more of these easy-access personalized healthcare apps will be popping up. 

#3 Spending big money on personalized wellness

We’ve been spending money on wellness for a hot minute, but I’m seeing more and more people willing to forgo health insurance coverage and pay top-dollar to work with out-of-network practitioners they trust and who want to give a personalized, root-cause approach. People are ready to feel better, and they’re ready to fork over whatever it takes. 

#4 Getting outside – for workouts, morning light, and stress relief

I’m not sure if this is “getting outside” as much as this is “multitasking wellness” but either way, I like it and I’m seeing it a lot. I even cheated on this one and did a little research to find out that a worldwide survey by the American College of Sports Medicine rated outdoor fitness as the 3rd biggest trend last year. 

#5 Less emphasis on weight loss, but more emphasis on quality of life

I’ve been watching this happen over the past year since the ‘Vid. The desire to lose weight is still strong, but the motivation is trending more toward feeling good as we age and increasing our longevity. We’ll see what this looks like over the next 5 years, but if I’m right, I predict we could see obesity rates begin to slow with this trend (it’s a bold prediction and you saw it here first!). 

#6 Community first!

Humans are craving a sense of community in a digital world. They want to be connected with others who have similar intentions – to both receive support from those individuals and to give support! We’ve seen this big-time in our M3 community this year, and I don’t see it slowing down in 2023. 

#7 Nervous system regulation is very cool 

No longer are you a weirdo for taking time out of your day for meditation or breathwork. Somatic practices to release trauma in the body are no longer “woo-woo.” FitBits are out, and the Apollo Neuro is in. People are literally plunging into ice-cold water every day because #nervoussystemhealth. The nervous system is hot right now and I’m here for it. 

#8 Finding what works for you!

We’ve become more and more curious about our own bodies. Do you need 8 hours of sleep or 7? What types of workouts does your body respond best to? Do you feel vibrant eating meat – or plant-based? There will be more “tuning in” and less “tuning out” this year as people become more and more interested in taking responsibility for their health. 

I hope you found this list to be as fun and inspiring as it was for me when I wrote it. I think we’re headed in a pretty cool direction.

Happy Cold Plunging,


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